Two best friends came back to India for a vacation after completing their Master's abroad and went to eat pavbhaji at a famous outlet in Manjalpur, Baroda. After having their food, when it came to taking parcels for their families, this is where the seeds of creation of our beloved "Delfoo" were planted. Yes, that is when Mr. Kandarp Patel and Mr. Yoshit Patel had the Eureka moment to start Baroda's first versatile service that delivers food at doorstep of Barodians.
"Delfoo"- Delivering Food, name says it all. This name is not new for any Barodian and Suratian now. Delfoo makes it possible to bring your desired food to your doorstep. They not only deliver food, but happiness too. Team Baroda Beat got fortunate enough to meet Mr. Kandarp Patel, one of the masterminds behind making Delfoo possible. He gave us an outline of how Delfoo got into action and how it actually works.
When asked about how earlier days of Delfoo were, Kandarp Sir said During my trip to India, we immediately realized that there is a need of a smart portal for restaurant foods where online food ordering and its delivery should be much easier; that is when the idea of Delfoo buzzed in our mind. Then, me, Yoshit Patel and Arpan Vaidya (co-founder) started doing research about its execution and instantly started working on it.
We rented an office and started approaching restaurants in our city along with building a robust online platform. “But as we say, any road is incomplete without some stones in it, Delfoo got approximately straight 30 NO’s from the restaurant owners. There fear was comprehensible as they thought if the customer is getting their food right away to their place, why would they come and sit in the restaurant? He added. But Delfoo made them understand that where a restaurant could at the max serve only 100-150 people at a time and the trouble customers are facing currently for picking up food. Delfoo after receiving 30 negative responses, Daawat Restaurant at Manjalpur was the first one to accept their proposal and after that first deal, Delfoo has never looked back.