Who doesn't love new good scoop? We are bringing few new ventures to try for people like you who’re always on the lookout for great places to eat at, who people like you who’re always on the lookout for great places to add. To make it easier for others to find your favorite restaurant and food discoveries, follow our blogs regularly.

Pizza Da Dhaba

Pizza Da Dhaba Cafe & Restaurant

Located at Adajan, Pizza Da Dhaba's got almost everything. One way it makes them special is the way the prepare it. They do Indian Desi style Pizza along with Pasta, kebabs & Burgers. Offering a galaxy of mouth-watering pizza options, Da Dhaba will always have something to offer, whether you are ordering for mates before heading out for an evening, or snuggling up for the night in front of your favorite TV show.

Taste Of Bhagwati

Taste Of Bhagwati

Da Kitchen convinces with a great taste and a combination of Punjabi & Chinese cuisine accompanied by Panini. Here you will find delicious Chui Mui Kofta next to Manchurian Dry and Hot Gulab Jamun. Particularly popular is the Dal Makhani. The other menu includes Rolls, Pasta & Exotic Starters.

Punjabi Chicken Bite

Punjabi Chicken Bite

For all things of Chicken wholesome, Punjabi Chicken Bite offers a truly authentic experience with a host of items available on their menu. Since it's more famous for a chicken starters, a noteworthy mention goes to their Lemon Chicken Dry that is seriously mixed up a dish to start for a perfect dinner. We’ve heard that it’s hard to resist the heady aroma of the dish and that there’s nothing quite like it anywhere!

Hot N Spice Fast Food

Hot N Spice Fast Food

Among the newcomers, IndiCafe is no longer new in the town. IndiCafe is a place serving pav bhaji, south Indian food, and pizza. If you’ve got the munchies for some mix and match products, you should try their south indian dish with saucy burgers. The great part about them is their variety of food options which you can find and all of them will beat each other. 

Momos Mania

At Momos Mania, you can enjoy all the classics. This restaurant is especially famous for its dumpling momos, so ordering an array of dumplings with some dipping sauces (whether for a delicious lunch or a tasty side dish at dinner time) is a must here. Here, you will also find some top Chinese classics such as Exotic Noodles. 

At Delfoo, we have a very simple mission. We aim to bring the finest food in Surat to the attention of people who really want to try new dishes.

Go through the menus of the above ventures by clicking on it and you can have your food delivered at your doorstep. 




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