What’s your HEALTH worth?.....

Your Health is WORTH any tasty and healthy food you eat……..

We @MOSHIC make this MAGIC happen…

Pizzas @ MOSHIC go on healthier option with specially designed and hand crafted on a creative amalgamation of taste n health:

To give Whole Grain Crust:

WAFER THIN base….. satisfying extra fiber.

Loading up on Veggies:

Broccoli Splash High antioxidant, a great source of calcium, keeps skin young and glowing, maintains a healthy heart.

Going for Protein Rich Topping:

Paneer Tikka and Spinach Corn especially encouraged eating raw and maintaining delicacy of taste.

Going for Healthy Topper:

Our Farming pleasure pizzas with mushrooms are a great source of protein fiber, vitamin calcium, and minerals.

Adding  Healthy Spices:

Make it tastier with green chilies, red, yellow, green, pepper

Adding Exotic Veggies:

Olives, jalapeno and green herbs like basil and parsley

Can Summers in Vadodara be a cool experience? HOW?


Replace aerated drinks by consuming more of fresh veggie n fruits juices….

Juicing is known to:

Detox and Clean

Juicing helps to remove toxins from body instantaneously.

Citrus Glow Citrus Blow and Citrus Detox

Boost your Immune System

Juice leads to increase in immunity with better more consumption of vitamins and minerals.

Purify, Beet and Green  and Fantastico are perfect immune booster  

Fast Nutrient Absorption

Juicing allows nutrients to begin work quickly, therefore feeling the benefits faster.

Help with Weight Loss

Juicing helps in consumption of raw fruit and vegetable thus leading to weight loss.

Malonic Filter and Slimmer are perfect weight controller.

Increase Energy, Mood, and Mental Focus

Juicing helps in more absorption of vitamin and minerals thus increase in mood and energy levels.

Improve Digestion

Raw juice stimulates bowels, liver, and kidney, thus help in fast digestion.

Papaya Cleanser get digestion in order

Ward Off Stress

Fruits and veggies loaded with vitamin C and magnesium can help body better combat with stress hormone cortisol.

Hawaiian and Fresh Thrill is perfect to stress release

Sleep Better

Green Leafy vegetable juices provide a high level of magnesium thus improves sleep.

Harvest, Green Glow  are perfect to help you relax.

Meet your Daily Food and Veggie Quotient

Quick easy method, to meet, recommended fruit and vegetable daily needs.

Increase Metabolic Rate

Raw fruit and vegetable that are extracted into the juice form contain healthy enzymes that increase the body’s metabolic rate.