Against the common misconception that folks have about fatty foods, not all of them should be demonized. A broad spectrum of fatty foods are actually super-beneficial to the human body and should be no wise ostracized from your menu. If you are living on the low-fat diet plan, sadly you have been left behind in the 90s as current research shows that undue weight gain and obesity flourishes on carbs and processed sugars.

Nutritionally, fats are important for their ability to aid hormonal balance in the body as well as providing dissolving medium for some critical vitamins. Moreover, they have a unique ability to keep humans full given their longer digestion time compared to over food classes. So, it either you indulge in healthy fats or you gain some flabs. Here at Delfoo we have compiled a list of the top fatty foods that are good for you.

  1. Avocado: This green fruit is the leader of the healthy fat gang. Not only does it contain an ample amount of healthy monosaturated fats, but it is rich in fiber and plant sterols. It also has a unique ability to combat LDL cholesterol levels in the body, particularly when consumed daily. It is also very filling which makes this healthy fatty food a must-have for those seeking to lose weight healthily. It can be consumed in various ways including slathering it within a healthy sandwich, slicing it within your salad, blending it with your smoothie or even eating it right out of its skin with your preferred cutlery.


  2. Coconut butter: This remarkable puree is made from ground coconut flesh that can be used healthily in place of other butter as a spread or even a baking ingredient. This form of healthy fatty food can be made in a food processor in as little as 10 minutes and refrigerated for use afterwards. Multiple research has shown that it is healthier than other saturated fat options because it is rich in lauric acid while presenting the natural freshness and taste of fresh coconuts to every meal.


  3. Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO): This monosaturated fat source has been lauded by diverse research works to be stellar in its ability to help the body access diverse fat-soluble nutrients locked within other food substances. Therefore, EVOO is encouraged as the oil option for health-conscious meals and restaurants since it is also an important heart-friendly and anti-aging food substance.


  4. Nuts: For those who aren’t intolerant to nuts, this is a super healthy way to consume fats, protein and fiber. Whether they are walnuts, almonds etc. nuts are generally associated with reduced heart disease, diabetes and obesity risks while increasing the intake of vital minerals and nutrients such as vitamin E. These monosaturated fatty friends can also be consumed in diverse ways which include grounded as flours (which can be infused into other meals), included in salads or even eaten raw or as toppings for other meals.


Here at Delfoo, our goal is to deliver food happiness in the most healthy and convenient manner possible. So, consider these healthy fatty foods today!