Are you looking for a proper Mexican food in Vadodara? A few years ago this was not so easy, but fortunately, the supply of Mexican food in the city soared in recent years. Now, you can taste the real flavors of Mexico based on tortilla.


At Saloni's is all about one thing: the best Mexican Pizza. Don't miss it. Layered fried Tortilla topped with Cheese Sauce, Olives, Tomatoes. Want to try something new? Chalupas is there for all age favorite dish.


Cibo's was long the only Mexican Restaurant to talk about in Vadodara, but despite sharp competition, the restaurant is still popular as never before. Cibo's has a particularly special Tacos and it never fails when you order a Quesadilla with a option of Chicken too.

La Benito

La Benito offers perhaps the most Mexican of all, namely Mexican Street Food. As the name implies, it is Praiseworthy. La Benito is well known for its tasty Enchiladas. If you buy a menu with three Enchiladas, one gets taste of three different kinds, all fighting to be the best.

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